Monday, April 14, 2008

"Think of it as 'the unfortunate meeting of accountants with pop culture'."

Have you contracted this meme yet, this songs-in-other-forms thing?

It started way back when with the sometimes-ridiculously-funnygeeky songs in outline form.

It progressed to the "song chart meme" on flickr, some of which are awesome.

And now, to curate for us the best ones, we have culturegraph, which is not just songs but all kinds of pop culture, graphiphied.

The best thing about this page is the following exchange I had with a friend:
ME: Check out culturegraph la la la
HIM: I really like this one: [link to great one]
ME: Thank you.
HIM: Ohmigod, you made that one! I didn't even realize!

Yeah, dude. Now another friend or two of mine have submissions up there. Enjoy.

This one is for CC, in particular.

And for thread collapse &c, this is so goddamned good.


David said...

Hey, this is David from - Just wanted to say thanks for the post and the shout out. If you have any ideas for culturegraphs yourself we'd love to see them.


wunder said...

ooooooooooooooooh i saw you on!

alexis said...

People spending time graphing random things. What losers. I'd NEVER do something that nerdy.

Ok, maybe once or twice...

Ok, all the time. Shut up :)

ReadDanceBliss said...

I don't know how it ended up changing so much, but my original draft of this post started as follows:

Here's a little something for you guys: (where "you guys" = Alexis)...