Tuesday, July 10, 2007

'cause I believe in trading lessons...

So i'm back at camp for a month already (and more than a month to go) and that means i'm out of the world in a way that no one really believes - the president could have a heart attack and we may not hear about it until we get out in august - my mom told me the other day that she was sick and i asked if she took the day off from work and she informed me that it was sunday, i'd never have known - i live in a universe that's vaguely lord-of-the-flies, i'm literally one of the oldest staff members, the most common age of staff member is 19 and i hang out with them and sometimes fit in and sometimes soooooo not - and it's strange and out of my world and yet also back to my world, in a way, since it's now my fourth summer here, in this environment, with these people, my second in this very room... and it all blends together but it doesn't, some things are so different in character year to year, like the precise flavor of my loneliness, always a little different. and the ideas of What Summer Should Be and how i could spend this special gift of out-of-world time that i have, vs the reality of What Summer Is and Becomes and Fails to Be, always there knocking on the door...

Hey, I did two new fabulous things today!

I hit some balls in the batting cage, which wasn't just the first time I hit balls in a batting cage from a pitching machine but the first time in recorded history that I hit any moving ball with a bat ever. I mean, I can remember once playing tee-ball in elementary school and THAT'S IT. Never a pitched ball that I can remember. Wow. I didn't suck, either. Wonder if I'll be sore in weird places tomorrow just 'cause it's a new movement and that's what always happens.

Also: I learned a basic samba rhythm and got to play it on a flamenco drum, the cajón. The fingers on my left hand are already starting to swell. Yeah!

Monday, July 2, 2007


LibraryThing. I'll never get to sleep. Cotton, I blame you.

My God, I have an author cloud of my own. I will NEVER get to bed.

Man, the unsuggestions are hysterical.

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