Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hey there, me:

"It gets to the point where I don't email someone for fear of reminding them that they emailed me and thus giving them a reason to be disappointed in me."

This is why I'll never be an adult.

(While you're there, you can also read about how I'm wrong every time I say "there's no such word as alot".)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

Partially redeemed; Or, at least I have my moments

I just received an email from a colleague here that begins as follows:

"Congratulations on being the nicest person ever."

Let's be honest: if you know me well you know that I can, at times, be an uberbitch, so that was seriously, seriously nice to hear.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Unexpected Accomplishments

I might be my most favorite self while I'm away working at sleepaway camp. I mean, not all of the time, because I definitely get very cranky at times, and overwhelmed and overtired, and mid-summer slump hits me like everyone else, and I definitely ignore the outside world to a both dangerous and impolite degree. But, during the days at camp, and in those in-between moments when I'm not teaching... I do some good stuff sometimes.

Today was one of those days, days one should have at camp, filled with unexpected accomplishments. In sitting down to write about it, I just re-read my other blog posts with the "camp" label from past years and I really like the girl who wrote them. I wish I saw her more often. Go ahead, read or skim through them; I'll wait here.

...or here, I'll point out some of my personal favorites.

Anyway, today I finally, finally went for a run. I ran the High Road, a road that goes around camp and is, you know, high up. (A new post on running is sorely needed and coming soon, btw.) And then I went and taught some dances, of course. And then, instead of going back to my room to shower as planned, I went and did yoga with a small group of other staff members, outside in one of the most beautiful spots in camp. And then I taught some dances, of course. And then during free-choice-activity time, instead of going back to my room to shower as planned, I climbed the rock wall! For the first time ever!! I made it to the top! Of course, this was unplanned so there are no pictures, and of course, I wasn't mentally prepared for it so I didn't exactly do a perfect or graceful job of it... but I climbed the wall! To the top! Yay for camp!