Sunday, December 28, 2008

I said READ dance bliss. Not eggplant sandwich dance bliss.

I've read about twenty of the 75 books every woman should read list compiled over at (and brought to my attention by editorial ass). I do, however, own at least five more, so I can pretend I'll get to reading those eventually...

Similar to moonrat, I have read about 15 of Esquire's list for men.

I did, however, read quite a few books in 2008, possibly more than my usual 5o-ish-or-on-average-one-a-week. I'll post a little year-end-round-up soon, I think. I can tell you right now that Three Cups of Tea is not going as fast as I might like and that I'm going to give in and read Twilight in the next couple of days - Kenneth and Paige, we do have a movie date, right?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hey now.

Um, shortly after that post about the targeted ad for "Tees for Sarcastic Jews", I got an ad for "Socially Awkward Tees".

Wait, why are you laughing?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Lady brings a new cup of coffee.

So, I've definitely never linked to or posted a picture of myself on this here blog, and for that matter I've pretty much not included any actual personally identifying info at all. Well, but something about this picture of my ghetto israeli dancing self just calls for sharing. Yalla.

Um, I took three separate naps yesterday. THREE. What the hell? I think the cold makes me tired. They were all, like, *deep* sleeps, too. Weird.

Hey listen, I know you've all seen the "Take On Me - literal version" video already, but I just found a friend who hadn't yet so I can't resist mentioning it in case you also live under a rock. How f'n fabulous is this?? Go watch it now.

Happy Chanukah. Merry Christmas. Etc.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How did they know?

So, on Facebook there are these targeted ads on the sides of the screen. If your status says you're single, you'll get ads for online dating sites, etc. Right now, I have an ad that says:

Tees for Sarcastic Jews

I shit you not. *That's* targeted advertising. Next up:
"Diet Coke for Wonder Woman fans"?

Oh, so, hey out there, blogoworld. I've been busy and not so much making with the posts, huh? Sorry about that. I'm at winter camp now, enjoying a differently-crazed schedule instead of the usual crazy schedule. Yay me. Hope you're doing well, blogging to come when it comes.