Thursday, April 17, 2008

Egg Salad, take ∞

Really busy entertaining my mom who is visiting (yay!), STILL performing my civic duty, and pretending to have a spring break during all of it (ha ha), so today, just a few fabulous examples of egg salad from our friends around the web.

0. Simple and sweet: the Wikipedia article on... Wikipedia from NeoCorTEXT.

1. Dear Lord, how have we missed this? C-vahn points out the extremely obvious: FALAFEL AND HUMMUS! Duh.

2. Infinite flickr isn't so much egg salady, but I do love that it is a thing.

3. okbye.


jjd said...

In the wikipedia article on wikipedia, I *love* the cartoon of Skeletor editing the He-Man wikipedia page!

Sivan said...

I finally made it to your blog! yay! by the way, in a way having tomato and ketchup with your burger is sort of an egg salad. or having chocolate sauce on your chocolate sundae...

neonspecs said...


jjd said...

Sort of related to Egg Salad, but called the Droste Effect:

Droste Effect: when a package's artwork features the package itself

ReadDanceBliss said...

JJD - I like the Droste effect too, but I understood it to really have the recursive effect, or to attempt it, not just to show the product on the product's packaging... what I mean is, in the Droste ad, you see infinitely smaller versions of the thing... whereas in the Morton Salt, e.g., they are not even attempting an infinite or recursive look, it's just the shape of the product or a simplified version of it. Watered down Droste, or something... not as good. I'm a purist :)

Sat Jiwan said...

Okay, here's my delayed list (from ex boyfriend who got floss stuck in his teeth). sorry for any repeats, but we're not playing the game were you get penalized for repeats.

eggs benedict = poached egg w/ hollandaise sauce (egg yolks)

falafel = hummos (chickpeas + tahini) + falafels (chickpeas) + tahini

vegan sandwich = tofu burger + soy cheese + soy mayo (served w/ soy ice cream + soy milk frappe) (and if you're allergic to wheat your bread may be made with soy flour)

vegan sandwich2 (not allergic to wheat) = seitan (wheat gluten) + wheat bread

frappe = ice cream + milk

miso soup = miso paste (fermented soy) + tofu (+ optional extra soy sauce)

"breadbake'' or toast or twice baked potatoes = all that have been baked again

sundae = ice cream + whipped cream

corn bread (when made with corn kernels)

french toast = challah bread (made w/ eggs + egg wash) + egg batter

powdered water (stephen wright)

visual egg salad by mc escher:

i bet there's a ton more in foreign traditional cuisines i'm not familiar with.

and of course on many episode of "iron chef" where asparagus champagne and asparagus ice cream appear.