Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nude Descending A Suitcase

So, did you read my post about the adorable Kate Micucci? Before I wrote it, I was trying to describe her to someone and couldn't remember Kimya Dawson's name, so I said something like: You know, the Juno soundtrack? The Rotten Apples or something?

Yeah, RDB, it's The Moldy Peaches. Close, though. A for Effort.

And so, the last boy I dated was a few (six) years younger than I am, and someone jokingly accused me of, I kid you not, "stealing the carriage".

I totally knew what she meant, knew it was totally wrong, and yet could not come up with "robbing the cradle" for a full five minutes because I was laughing too hard.

Um, that's all. Ha.

Ok, that's not really all. How great are the designs at Glennz Tees? Hysterical, right?


The Trouble With Roy said...

I like "Stealing the carriage" better than "robbing the cradle." Less of a burglar-y feel to it.

Are you going to tell us how the trial turned out?

alexis said...

"Stealing the carriage" - awesome!!! I'm loving the t-shirt designs too - though they'd be better as tank tops :)