Sunday, March 23, 2008

Minutes of the Life

A quickie, because I want to get to bed reasonably early tonight (and as I just told a friend moments ago, early ends now, seeing as how it's midnight).

I had a really lovely weekend. For one thing, I got a really odd sunburn on one side of one leg only, and who could argue with the wonderfulness of that?

Also this weekend, I got a lot of sleep AND I got a lot stuff done[0] AND I spent a lot of time outside AND I read a great book[1] AND I spent a lot of time with my boyfriend AND I went to yoga[2] .

[0] Like, my taxes. WHY DO I OWE LIKE $5000 AGAIN??? TAXES SUCK. Also, I choreographed three dances yesterday. In the park. How great are iPods?

[1] Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Of course, since everyone else loves this book, there's a part of me that wanted not to love it, but there is no denying it: it is fabulous. Of course, I am a little cranky that people have begun to think the name of my blog is derivative of this book, as though they have any connection at all, as though I'd ever heard of the book when starting this blog, or even two years earlier when I first used "ReadDanceBliss" as my username on some networking site somewhere. But there is a huge parallel there too; check it out.
Read/Eat? I LOOOOOOVE to do these at the same time, love to lose myself in both. Reading and eating - this is my favorite hedonism.
Dance/Pray? Her "pray" is actually largely yoga, which is not so different from dance. Plus, the particular kind of dance I teach is meant to be a religious practice of sorts, and I am often called up to teach a "Prayer Through Dance" workshop.
Bliss/Love? Clear.
I can't deny it; I loved this book. I read the "Eat" section on Friday, a day I spent largely in bed or at an outdoor cafe. I read the "Pray" section on Saturday, the day I went to yoga and choreographed three dances. I read the "Love" section today (Sunday), the day I spent in lazy comfortable bliss at my boyfriend's place. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

[2] First time with my fabulous new birthday-present yoga mat - thank you D&A!!! It was woooooonderful (except since it's new, it was really slippery and I had to work extra hard to hold on and now I'm extra sore! But I am unbelievably happy to be this sore :)

In other news that you probably already know, I really want to buy a house, like, soon. Like, in 2008. Got advice? Books to recommend? Brokers, agents, lenders, managers, renters to introduce? Hook me up! Tell me what you know or what you wish you had known! HELP!! I am so terrified.



The Trouble With Roy said...

Good luck on the house-hunting. Here's a tip: do not base any part of the purchase on the idea that the house will become more valuable or you will earn more in the future-- proceed on the premise that you will not refinance the house and will continue earning what you do now.

Also, find a lawyer you can trust to give you some advice. You're going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars; have a lawyer review the deal for you.

Ask your mortgage broker, if you have one, about the "yield spread premium." (S)He'll know what that means so have him/her explain it (it's long and complicated but you need to know.)

When finding a realtor, lawyer, and mortgage broker, don't use the yellow pages, etc. Find someone you trust to recommend someone they trust.

(I know these things: I practice consumer law in Wisconsin.)

Also, does Yoga ever get any easier? I started it a few weeks ago and I'm not very bendy at all.

And: More about the sunburn! How'd that happen?

Enjoy your new house!

ma yanim motek said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend.

The housing market sucks right now.

Aidan tha Camper said...

Well actually, it is a buyers market right now. The housing market is in a slump right now, and mortgage companies are selling off lots of properties that were foreclosed right now. Lower property prices = Happy buyers. Happy hunting!

alexis said...

I know nothing about buying a house, so I'll offer commentary on other items:


- iPods rocks!!! Even though I haven't choreographed any dances in the park recently due to unfavorable weather conditions (*insert "move to L.A. lecture here*)

- I knew RDB didn't come from the book... you're too creative for something like that.

WishIcouldbepartofthatworld said...

ERICA! guess who!
i did it!

neonspecs said...

is the title of this post based on the title of my friend's blog?