Monday, March 3, 2008


[0] Ok, so I've been sent over to Stuff White People Like a few times in the past and it never quite did it for me until today - the latest entries are goddamn funny.

[1] I know, I know, you've already read this article on irrationally holding on to options because you saw it on reddit or whatever, but *I* just read it (thanks jjd!) so ppppbthhhhht to you.

[2] OMG!! Speaking of a few of my favorite things, check out Librarian Dress-Up. We're not just talking librarians here, we're talking librarians dressed as Wonder Woman. Be still my heart.

CWID: Image from this crazy bookmark site.


jjd said...

Was I bad to start by taking off the librarian's clothes?

alexis said...

It's a good thing you put this "stuff white people like" in your blog, because someone at work mentioned it today and I looked smart for knowing what he was talking about. Ok, so much *smart* - but you get the idea :)