Sunday, March 2, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things.

Helicopters. Boston.

Philip Greenspun's slide show combining the two. Watch it and drool, just like I did. I'm coming to Boston next week; can I please have a ride??

I've been on helicopter rides over Manhattan (many years ago, a surprise present from Daddy. Yay, Daddy!), over Niagara Falls (a few years ago, with Marc. Yay, Marc!), and over both Hawai'i and Kauai (also with Marc). One of those trips was actually scary because of the rain but was still extra-awesome because of the birth of the never-tired "Friggin' Hilo" and the other was extra-awesome because the pilot noticed me watching what was going on inside the helicopter (what with the controls etc) as much as outside, where tourists are supposed to be looking, and so sat with me after we landed for a few minutes and showed me around the dashboard a little. Wheee!).

This is a truly a favorite joke of one of my Israeli friends: Knock Knock.
(Who's there?)
(Eli who?)
Eli Copter!!!!!!!!!

This is some high-brow humor, folks. And this is one random post, friends.

PS I really am coming to Boston next weekend, to dance in a show at MIT. If we're friends and we haven't talked about this yet, get in touch!


Cecilia said...

OFCORZ I have to comment here!
First, because I have to say that you could have already flown over LA also (Yay, Alexis & CC!)

Then I was also thinking that you can actually tell that joke in ANY of the languages you know and it actually MAKES SENSE!!!

and... that you haven't got present number #7.

jjd said...

Too bad you are too old for Phillip's Prize For Young Aviators.