Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who says LA isn't safe?

So, tonight I went to the Thursday edition of the best yoga class and after it was over, my friend and I decided to grab something to eat at a place across the street. She was parked in back, I was parked in front; we said we'd meet over there.

So I go to my car and realize the place is literally across the street so I might as well walk there. I open my trunk and take out my jacket and walk across to the diner. We have a little something to drink and a little something to eat and we catch up on the two weeks since we've seen each other and about two hours later, we say goodnight and she drives off. I walk to the crosswalk and go to take out my keys... only, they're not there.

It's ok; I keep my valet key in my purse separately and I have a spare house key in my car. It's not ok; the valet key is with another friend who let me park my car at his place while I was in Florida last week.

Then I realize what must have happened - I bet I left my entire set of keys in the keyhole of my trunk. For two hours. On Van Nuys Boulevard. So forget the question of will the keys still be there - how about the question of will my car still be there?


I see brake lights from the general area where my car is and I book it down the street. Some people are getting out of THE SPOT DIRECTLY BEHIND MY CAR. THEIR HEADLIGHTS ARE SHINING ON... my keys, still dangling from the lock.

Who says LA isn't safe?


alexis said...

OMG - that is the worst feeling ever!!! I'm so glad it worked out!

Also, do I get bonus points if I can guess who the friend was based only on that information? Do I get additional bonus points if I already knew that you had a separate valet key in your bag and a spare house key in your car? :)

El Gigante said...

Who was it who said: "She's so lucky/ She's a star."? Was it Eleanor Roosevelt?

jjd said...

I'm surprised that you didn't come back and find a note on your windshield that said "You are an idiot." as happened in a similar instance that you might remember.

Scot said...

A former room-mate left the back of his CRV open all night, with Dome Light on. The next morning I discoverred it, and nothing was gone- he carries A LOT of crap around in his car.

Wunder said...

Moral of the story? Yoga leads to personal irresponsibility.

The Trouble With Roy said...

That had to be a sickening feeling when you realized where your keys must be.

Back at Christmas, I had just picked up the TV for oldest and had it in the back of the SUV, and was waiting in line at a second store when it suddenly occurred to me that I didn't think I'd locked the trunk. So I can relate, a little, except that I don't live in LA and I would only have lost a TV, not a car.

(Also, the car was locked; it was just me being paranoid.)