Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Because "nothing says 'reading is fun' like guns and booty-shaking, right?"

I know there's all this controversy about the song: is it satire? Is it a failed attempt at a positive message? Is it stereotype-reinforcing or boundary-shattering? Ya-dah ya-dah - it's a goddamn funny song with a goddamn funny video. See it here: video and read some of the more interesting commentary on it - I particularly like the comments on quillandquire.
Now, can someone point me to the LA Times article, because I can't find it. Kthanks.

OKFINE it's not JUST a goddamn funny song. YES it's a parody, which, like all good parodies, brings into focus a little bit of the ridiculousness of its subject. YES it's a public service announcement, because even if it's got curses in it, it's also got damn good messages in it (just like this blog, donchaknow). YES it's stereotype-reinforcing AND boundary-breaking. It's smart AND funny. And catchy, no? I especially like the R.E.A.D.A.B.O.O.K. refrain :)

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The Trouble With Roy said...

I liked it. But I disagree with the message a little-- reading is good, even if you don't read books all the time. I don't want to give up my "Entertainment Weekly."

And, maybe the music-literacy rate will be driven up a little by the sampling of Beethoven's Fifth.