Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ok, fine, stop asking! All both of you.

Here's what I think:

I think any Democrat is better than the Shrub. I think the bumper stickers that say "1.20.09: the end of an Error" are fabulous. Of course, I also think the ones that say "08-ing change" are pretty clever too. So you have an idea where I'm coming from.

So: I don't care if you LIKE her. I don't care if you think she's cute or calculating or friendly or not. It's not that kind of popularity contest. You aren't going to get to have coffee with her, so I don't give a shit whether or not you'd want to. I think Clinton will. do. the. best. job. as. president. Isn't that what is supposed to matter?

I think if you are black and are not voting for Obama, you are an idiot.

I think Obama will also do a fine job if he gets elected. Go Democrats.

Note to Barack: Ok, so Hillary's running on this whole "experience" thing, right? Here's all you have to do: point out that at this moment, the person with the most experience being President is... GEORGE. W. BUSH. Is experience really the key here, folks?
Seriously, say that, and you're in. Pulls out the rug from under her whole campaign, with the added bonus of sortakinda equating Hillary with W. No, no, that's ok, only one million will be fine. I'm not greedy.

I think Bill Clinton is still legally able to be a vice-president, so I'm waiting for the Clinton/Clinton ticket. That will make me laugh AND get my vote.

I think the Republicans all kind of suck, of course, but if I had to choose McCain or Romney or Idon'theartHuckabee, I choose McCain for shit sure, for being a conservative first and a Republican second. But that is why he won't get the Republican nomination, don't you think?

I think Ron Paul doesn't stand a chance, but is fabulous for saying that whole "We just marched in. We can just come back. We went in there illegally. We did not declare war. It's lasting way too long. We didn't declare war in Korea or Vietnam. The wars were never really ended. We lose those wars. We're losing this one. We shouldn't be there. We ought to just come home." thing about Iraq. But you knew I'd say that.

I like a lot, mostly because of the chart it gives you with your results. Spend the ten seconds and check it out.

Ok, can I stop now?


Rachel said...

hi! I found your blog again! So... the only thing that I don't like about Hillary is the fact that she's a Clinton, which would make more than 2 decades with just 2 families in office. I'm also 08ing change, though. Ok, bye.

alexis said...

"I think if you are black and are not voting for Obama, you are an idiot."

Out of curiosity, does this apply to women not voting for Hillary?

Also, I've mentioned your way for Obama to pull the rug out from under Hillary to a few people, and they've all said "wow, that's so true! Whoever thought of that is really smart."

ReadDanceBliss said...

"Out of curiosity, does this apply to women not voting for Hillary?" - NO, it does not. Definitely not. Black people of all persuasions in this country stand to gain a lot more from having a black president, of their own party or not, than women of this country stand to gain from having a woman president. I don't think that a female president will represent all that much of a cultural change in America; having a black president will.

Wunder said...

I'm 08ing for the Edwards/Richardson ticket.

Then I'll buy floor seats.

Scot said...

1st: I and the groundhog miss you.
2nd: you should check out my interpritation of the W04 bumper sticker currently on my blog
3rd: you're just too smart for your own good
4th: A Clinton/Clinton ticket would be amazing and a first in so many ways