Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I. Want. This.

Wow. A bookcave. A bookcase with a little nook for you to climb into and read. How is it that no one else thought of this before? How is that I don't have one of these? Wow.

But can my books all be blue, instead of pink? I kind of hate pink.

(By the way, I found this by way of moonrat who calls herself a "bookwench". You probably know by now that I call myself a "bookslut", so the question is, What is the difference between us? What are the philosophical and social implications of choosing one label over the other? Why does she get paid to read books and I don't? Why or why not? If so, as what?
Yeah - both her blogs are cool, so check them out if you're a bookwhore too.)

1 comment:

alexis said...

You know, if you just cut a hole in those bookcases in your apartment, I bet we could build one of these....

Of course that would mean that the bookcases couldn't be completely covered in books - pink or otherwise - and we all know *that's* impossible. So... maybe you just need a comfy chair.