Friday, October 5, 2007

Holy Cow.

  • Phil Rizzuto died a month or so ago. This is interesting news because not just do I know that he's the guy who does the pseudo-sports-announcing in "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" but I also actually own the book O Holy Cow!: The Selected Verse of Phil Rizzuto which has his real broadcast comments written in verse form and it rules. Bye, Phil.

  • Um, this blog ALSO says "blah blah blog". And here I thought I was so original! Ok, time for the Official Google Test:
    Results 1 - 10 of about 335,000 for "blah blah blog". (0.08 seconds)
    335,000. Damn.

  • How bad do I want to see/be a part of/at least hang out with The Rock Bottom Remainders? Read the Quotations section. LOVE IT.

  • Nice bumper sticker: "At least we're winning the war on the environment."

  • In case you were wondering about car insurance companies: Mercury Insurance SUCKS ASS. Geico rules.

  • Quotation of the week:
    "Night, I have discovered, has a faintly bitter taste, caused by its large ingredient of Unattained Possibility."
    --Christopher Morley in John Mistletoe (according to p198 of Sixpence House)

  • What is it with emotional attachment to clothes? I almost NEVER wear t-shirts anymore but I have huuuuuge stacks of them that I can't get rid of because of some kind of crazy nostalgia. T-shirts, folks. WTF?

  • The Falling Sand Game is kind of fantastic. It's considered the Best Time Waster on The Best of Everything blog, which is in itself an ok time waster but not as good as the same guy's blog Thinking the Lions which I quite like. [Hey, he commented on egg salad! Woo-hoo!]


neonspecs said...

I have actually seen the rock bottom remainders. They are much better in theory than reality. Although, kinda surprisingly, Stephen King has almost impeccable music taste.

The Trouble With Roy said...

I appreciate the compliments.

I'm the same way about t-shirts. I had an old "Spring Break 1990" t-shirt -- tells you when I bought it -- that I finaly was forced to throw out. In 2004. It was all tattered and had a hole in the shoulder and nobody in the family would let me wear it so I'd put it on only under sweatshirts. But that's me.

You have a great blog! I've put it on my favorites and I'm going to link to it now.

sarah said...

Don't throw away your tshirts, maybe.
1. Your children will look at pictures of you and say "Mommy, that is a cool shirt, why didn't you keep it? I could have been Vintage for free."
2. You could always make a quilt out of them (the shirts, not your kids). That is what I am currently doing right now with all my crazy Kidz club, girl scout, tvt shirts, etc.
3. I have like 20 alonim shirts and maybe 30 red cross shirts, it may be time to give them away....

Scot said...

OK, the Falling Sand Game got me through the last 90 minutes of work on Friday. I guess I should say "The last 90 minutes at the office." "work" is too strong a word for playing the falling sand game.