Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wherefore art thy so scarce, ye Eggplant Sandwich?

I recently wrote this whole post on how I have three favorite sandwiches in LA and I went to get one the other day and it turned out this cafe that I loved is CLOSED FOREVER, which really sucks, and so now I only have two favorite sandwiches in LA and then I went on with this whole thing about how I love roasted vegetable sandwiches and grilled vegetable sandwiches and ESPECIALLY eggplant sandwiches but they're so hard to find and BLAH BLAH BLAH. WHO COULD POSSIBLY CARE ABOUT MY THOUGHTS ON THESE SUBJECTS?

But I liked the title, so I'm keeping it and posting this meta-post instead. Enjoy.

PS yes, if you know of a vegetable or eggplant sandwich in LA that you think I'd enjoy that isn't the one at Cheesecake Factory (too greasy, too fall-aparty, not delicious), please let me know.

PPS Yes, I also have trouble with LA being used to mean "Los Angeles" because it properly means "Louisiana", which is why I usually take the time to type L.A. instead, but no one else does and I don't feel like it, so there. The end.


Jjd said...

First the Tuscan Chicken at Quiznos, and now this?? What's this world coming to? A travesty, I tell you!

neonspecs said...

The Portabella Caprese sandwich at damon & pythias is maybe in the top 5 sandwiches in LA.

alexis said...

I'll make you a roasted eggplant sandwich!!!!! Come here!!! (I recently learned how to roast eggplant without burning down the house or making it taste terrible - major accomplishment :)

Cormac said...

The veggie wrap at Home. The new Riverside one--not the Hillhurst one.