Friday, October 17, 2008

"fox-testicle ice cream" ??

So, someone bought me a very beautiful orchid, a single orchid, in a small pot. Which is a lovely, lovely thing to do, only what the hell do I do with a single very tall orchid in a small pot and a one-bedroom apartment? Will a single orchid live in a very small pot indoors? How the hell do I take care of it? How do I even stop it from falling over, since it's very tall?

Yeah, of course I googled "care and feeding orchid"; I'm not a total idiot. But I got all these very complicated websites that are serious about growing and breeding and all kinds of crazy shit. I just want the thing to last a few weeks before it dies.

Have I mentioned that it's very tall? It is. It's beautiful, but very weird.

In other news, I'm addicted to "Californication". First of all, I watch no TV at all, save what I rent or borrow on DVD, and I've literally watched fewer than ten hours of TV in the last two years: I watched the third season of "Weeds" and the second season of "nip/tuck". That is it. That's about as much TV as I think many people (my parentals, even?) watch in ONE WEEK. Anyway, I'm sick, and I've already read like three books, and I'm getting sick of myself, so I watched the first six minutes of "Californication" because a friend emailed it to me and now I'm hooked. I rented the first five episodes yesterday and watched them all. I rented the second five today and have so far watched three of them (that's it for today). Here's the thing - it's good. I mean, I kind of hate Mia and I don't really like Karen's acting all that much, but I apparently love David Duchovny and the daughter Becca and the agent (who I feel as if I know - do I KNOW that guy??) and the goddamned literary allusions. Have you noticed how many literary allusions there are? Yeah, I watch a Showtime series about fucking for the literature references; that's the kind of girl I am. Anyway, here's the crazy thing: there are people I know on that show!!
No really; now I understand how it felt for all these random people who've gotten in touch with me over the last three years freaking out because they saw 15 seconds of me dancing on Weeds. Seriously, three of my students/campers are Becca's band, Kill Jill. And at first I flipped out and was jealous, but I chilled out because, after all, I was on WEEDS, right? ONLY, I'VE SEEN THEM ON TWO EPISODES SO FAR. NO FAIR, I ONLY GOT ONE.

Yeah, those are my fever-induced thoughts for the night. Why can't I sleep? I'm sick, I should be sleeping.


Jjd said...

And I love all the Warren Zevon references on the show. I mean, someone at that show is a huge Zevon fan because there is usually one Zevon reference in each show -- sometimes more than one.

Becca's band even did a cover of "Don't Let Us Get Sick", a simply beautiful song.

Jjd said...

I did a google search for "fox-testicle ice-cream" and was the 4th link.

ReadDanceBliss said...

LEVITTOWN!!!!!!! The return address on Hank Moody's dad's letter to him is from LEVITTOWN, NY!! Hank is from Levittown, and so, goddammit, am I.

Also, the guitarist of Kill Jill who is later the boy kissing and asking out Becca at the wedding? Yeah, that's my student/camper/fbfriend Myles. DAVID DUCHOVNY CALLS HIM CLAPTON IN THAT EPISODE! I AM TWO DEGREES OF SEPARATION FROM DAVID DUCHOVNY.

Ok, I'm done.

ReadDanceBliss said...

Like the picture I posted? It's my actual picture of my actual orchid, not a random google image...

Anonymous said...
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