Monday, February 18, 2008

Well, it's my birthday in three days. Humor me.

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want, either good or bad.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you.

CWID: I stole this idea from Ultraman.


alexis said...

It's a good thing you didn't ask for my *favorite* memory - cause that would take me a long time to figure out.

ONE of my favorite memories is when Edy and I moved your car during Israel's session / impromptu camp. My favorite part of that evening was that when we were coming back in, you came out of the dance hall to say hi and I had your keys IN MY HAND and somehow managed to hide them without you seeing :)

Debbie said...

I agree with Alexis... favorite memory would take a while to figure out, but one of mine is similar to that of Alexis -- where we started the "move the car" game coming home from camp. A more recent one for me is your surprise planned for me at the last camp I attended... I guess if I went to camp anytime soon, it would surprise everyone else ;-)

jjd said...

I loved when we agreed to go on the roller coaster at NY, NY in Vegas and as we were getting closer to the front of the line, you were saying "maybe we shouldn't do this" and "maybe we should get off" and "this wasn't such a good idea" and then it was our turn, and I pretty much had to push you into the coaster car.

Then it started moving, and you SCREAMED at the top of your lungs for the ENTIRE ride as if you were completely terrified.

I was worried you were going to be mad at me, but when we were done, I said "How was that?" and you said "That was GREAT!"

Happy Birthday, sweetie, to someone who will always be my Wonder Woman.


Sivan said...

well, hard to top any of these...especially since,well, I only got to be around you for what, Three months? I guess so... anyhow I think my best Erica story would be the Alo-Option we spent learing the words of Inian Shel Zeman and Mimaamakim. Every time I hear these songs it reminds me of that. By the way do you still have the *oustanding* drawing of you?
Happy Bisthday, my dear!

The Trouble With Roy said...

I haven't ever met you, but I like your writing, and you hooked me with your post:

"I still don't get the bit about the "Tina Turner trees"

So that's something. Have a great birthday.

Rachel said...

AF-RI-CA is where STEP-PING BE-GAN. From the BEAT-ING of drums to the CLAP-PING of hands. From Rock-n-Roll to the sound of hip hop, we keep MOV-ING and GROOV-ING and we just.can't.stop.

What What!
Here's to keeping moving and grooving and not stopping! Happy birthday!

Scot said...

hmmmm... how about drinking malt beverage on the patio before KC rehearsal? Then being late in becasue, well, we couldn't waste it now could we?

Scot said...

P.S. KC rehearsl is always more fun (tolerable?) when you're tipsy.

neonspecs said...

I am not thinking too well right now, so, uh,

"Pencils down!"

Cecilia said...
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Cecilia said...

One of my favorite moments is that polaroid, that face you had, that expresion, while Scot was rubbing your back at rehearsal's announcements' time, on your 29th birthday, that instant when you realized what were all those sheets of paper of your birthday present.
And, of course, all of those other instants were we are so ree-dee-culously connected.

Happy birthday, girl!
and isn't a good b-day present having catched up with your blog?

Debbie said...

You went to rehearsal tipsy?!?! I don't think I've ever seen you drink. Note: Must create new fun memories with Erica! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!