Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Multiples; Or, Two vignettes about how I'm perfectly normal.

0. Ha ha, an author of books about marathons has a webpage about multiple marathons. He describes how one woman ran a marathon three weeks after running another one. What does he have to say about this? He calls it:

"Insanity at its purest level". YES!

(Really, it was no problem. I was already trained! I just recovered and then did it again - easy!)

1. On my own, I'm not so good at getting my ass out the door at obscenely early hours of the day to run obscenely long distances, so I sometimes run with Team in Training even though I'm not on their team right now. At rehearsal practice (dammit, I always do that!) recently, someone was telling me how she was "pulling an Erica" because she was going to do two races three weeks apart.

(Of course, she was doing a HALF and then a full, not two fulls, but you know, we can't all be rockstars... :)

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