Saturday, October 16, 2010

If you want to buy me some lululemon stuff, that's ok with me. Just sayin'.

0. I bought new shoes! As bad of an idea as it seemed, especially given that I didn't even buy the exact same shoes as I had before, the woman in the store took a good look at my old shoes and made it clear that however stupid it might be to buy new ones right now, running in those other ones was even stupider. Seriously, I had been thinking about how-many-months and how-many-miles and never once picking the damn things up, looking at the (utter lack of) tread on the bottoms and making a rational decision based on the fact that they are SHOT TO HELL.
AND they cost less than $100! And here's a shout-out to my two favorite running stores, Road Runner Sports (where I bought both pairs of shoes) and Phidippides, who always has my favorite flavors of sport bean even if no one else does.

1. I ran 20 miles today! The first 15 went well, and I was elated as I started the 4th lap (I run a 5-mile loop at the park), thinking about how proud I was about to be that, no matter how long it took, I got my ass up and out and ran 20 miles, alone!! And then I took a dive. I tripped, I fell. Face plant. Sprawled in the dirt. I bit it. I ate pavement, man, literally. I finished the last 3 or so miles bloody, dirty, and tear-stained. Well, a new experience every time, eh? Cool.

2. And because 20 is not so different from 26.2, you get this: scarily accurate. My favorite is the shoe-tying attempt.


Debbie said...

You're making me realize I should probably replace my sneakers, even though I seldom actually run in them.... I bought them the week between my wedding and honeymoon.

Good for you on the run!! I continue to be impressed! Sorry you ate pavement, though (ow!). :-(

ifdeetx said...

500 miles? I bought into the myth that I should replace them around 350!

ReadDanceBliss said...

Dee - As became clear when the salesperson took one look at my shoes and said, "Those things are shot to hell!", 500 might be a little high :)

I ended up replacing mine around 350 after all, so you're not off track!

Ha ha, off track, get it? :)