Friday, September 10, 2010

Wow, is this sad:

So, I'm going on a trip to India next month (!!!) and so I got a few vaccinations already. For typhoid, the doctor recommended a vaccine in pill form instead of a shot. I have four pills, and I have to take one every other day. Here's why I haven't taken them yet, even though I've had them for weeks now:

You have to take them on an empty stomach, which they say means 1 hour before eating a meal or 2 hours after eating a meal. Which means either right when I wake up, I could take one and then not eat any breakfast or anything for an hour, or I could finish eating for the day, wait two hours, take the pill and go to bed, OR I could just find a 3-hour window in the middle of the day in which I don't eat.

These are impossible scenarios. I have always just eaten or am about to eat. THREE WHOLE HOURS? I can't seem to make it happen.

This is ridiculous, no?


Sivan said...

I know this is a weird suggestion, but you can set an alarm clock to about an hour before you wake up, take the pill and go back to snooze.
By the way- I have the same problem with my Iron pills. The result- never took them :)

Cormac said...

The point worth noting in all of this is that YOU'RE GOING TO INDIA! That's worth a bit more explanation than "(!!!)"--do tell.

Sat Jiwan said...

and if you need inspiration, "When in India, do as the Indians do..." Millions of them don't eat for 3 hours at a time AND don't have refrigeration.

ps. seems like the alarm clock idea is the solution. now just need to figure out how to get the refrigerator closer to the bed...