Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Short List of Things that Are that I wish Were Not

0. My DVD player completely sucks ass.

1. My back really hurts again. (Don't tell me to take ibuprofen; a doctor already did. I'm on 800mg three times a day. That's more in a week than I've taken in THE REST OF MY LIFE PUT TOGETHER.)

2. I am VERY quickly gaining back the small-but-hugely-appreciated amount of weight I lost this past year. (And I am HUNGRY.)

3. I stopped blogging for long enough to lose all but my 3 most tenacious readers. (But thanks to you three! I appreciate you!).


Ceci said...

Am I included in those three?
if not you should add me to the list! :-)

I put aside a pillow for your lower back that it really did me good last time.

Mike Fox said...

Have you tried going to a chiropractor or physical therapist for your back? I was always a bit wary about chiropractors, but once I started seeing one I became convinced that this was better than the "take 800mg of ibuprofen" diagnosis that the medical doctors always gave (and yes, I have been there before).

Feel better!

Debbie said...

Are you counting me as one of the three? I hope you feel better soon!

Briane P said...

Yoga will help your back. And stretching, in general. I've had two back surgeries but no real problems since I took up yoga. Try "Yoga For Dummies" on DVD.