Saturday, September 5, 2009

Recommend me this:

I just bought a new computer, and I mostly have all the programs I need up and running on the new machine. The exceptions are as follows, and I want your advice. What do you use for:

Ripping DVDs? I used to use Handbrake - should I get that again, or something else?
HTML editing? I used to use CuteHTML - should I get that again, or something else?
Sound editing? I used to use CoolEdit - should I get that again, or something else?
Playing random format videos that Quicktime can't open? I used to use VLC - should I... you get the idea.

And what should I use for making DVDs, actually? What do you recommend?




jjd said...

Don't know much about windows software.

However, I believe Cooledit no longer exists. If you still have the installer for the demo version, that should continue to work.

Also, for random format videos that quicktime won't open? You want VLC:

Briane P said...

You are WAY more advanced on computers than I am. You should recommend things to your readers.

Ceci said...

CONGRATULATIONS on finally getting a new computer!
Regarding the software... you haven´t actually mentioned if it is a Windows or a Mac... we all know you wanted one of the latter.