Saturday, May 9, 2009

Special Topics in Calamity Physics

The Top Three Reasons I Have Not Yet Put This Book Back On My Shelf, Even Though I Read It A Year And A Half Ago

0. "America's greatest revelation was not the atom bomb, not Fundamentalism, not fat farms, not Elvis, not even the quite astute observation that gentlemen prefer blondes, but the great heights to which she has propelled ice cream."

1. "Not returning phone calls is the severest form of torture in the civilized world. Haven't you read Hit and Run: Crisis in Singlehood America?"

2. " 'Onstage I make love to twenty-five thousand people and then I go home alone,' moaned Janis Joplin, bleary of eye and disheveled of hair."


moonrat said...

When I was reading this, I could only think what a stash it was for the Invisible Library people. There's literally an entire library of invented bibliographies in here. It's pretty cheeky.

gpa said...

the united states gov't says you are not allowed to torture people
if you live in a civilized world.

alexis said...

How is it possible that I don't own this book? It's like I *wrote* it? Actually you probably wrote it with me making inappropriate and/or funny comments while you were typing.

ReadDanceBliss said...

Alexis, I don't know why I just stumbled back on to this now, but me writing with you making comments over my shoulder... sounds like the best possible way a book could get written. Can we do that sometime, please? I'm laughing just imagining it.