Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Losing Weight

So, I am packing and moving and therefore I am trying to Throw Shit Out. To this end, my wonderful friend Leah came over the other day and watched me try on clothes I bought many years and many miles ago and made the perfect "I love you but THROW THAT SHIT OUT" face at all the appropriate moments and then yesterday I brought nine bags of clothes to Goodwill. I mean, Trader Joe's paper shopping bags, so not huge, but still. Nine bags.

So now I am starting to pack up my books and I'm hearing Leah in my head saying, as she did on Saturday, "do you ever get rid of a book?" And I told her that I did, sometimes, yes, but not so often. And that is the truth; I do sometimes, and sometimes I send them off in the mail to a happy reader elsewhere in the world who wants some specific book I have but don't really want, all thanks to, which I love. (It's awesome. To date I have sent off 22 books I did not want and received 23 books I did want. Most of the ones I sent cost about $3 to mail; most of the ones I received are ones I would have spent $7 or so for in a used bookstore or $15 for in a new bookstore. Fabulous.)

And so anyway, I'm starting to pack up my books and I just pulled off 10 books I am not going to keep! That is huge for me, trust me. Two of them are signed by the author and still I'm not keeping them - that is unbelievably out of character for me, the girl who has a separate shelf devoted to books signed by their authors. No really; that's one of the 26 shelves: Books Signed By Their Authors.

Ten books, two of which are signed by their authors. I rule.


Briane P said...

Who'd you get to sign?

I regret ever giving away, selling, or losing or throwing out books. About five years ago I sold some books to a used bookstore and then a year ago I was in the mood to read one of them ("Friday" by Robert Heinlein) and didn't have it and thought about going to get it at the library... but I'd already owned it.

So good for you.

alexis said...

YOU GOT RID OF 10 BOOKS?!?!?!?!?!?!

You could ACTUALLY knock me over with a feather right now. So now there are only 38492347923742394230984 books left. Hooray :)

BarbS said...

I'm big into getting rid of extra stuff, especially right now. i've been starting to feel like I am *overwhelmed* with junk. And my place is only slightly bigger than yours (1500 square feet) and 2 more people!

Congrats on getting rid of the books, and the clothes.