Thursday, June 5, 2008

Um, open your mail sooner, loser. You almost missed it.

Wasn't I just talking about this? I've been a little overwhelmed with crap to do lately, so today I finally got around to opening the stack of non-urgent mail I had piled up on my desk. Look what was in it:

(And, unrelated to the above and as behind the curve as I may be, you might be interested to know (but why would you?) that I am currently obsessed with this song.)


Aidan said...

Dang, RDB,
You are such a winner.

WishIcouldbepartofthatworld said...

So 2007!
if you had come to visit me in Israel we could have danced to that song at the clubs EVERY NIGHT :)
I'm glad you discovered it!! I also share a ridiculous love of that song.
It took a while until I realized how misogynst it actually was, but I still LOVE it.

The Trouble With Roy said...

You really DO win a lot.

I love that song. And the video. Keep posting your song obsesssions; I'm filling my up my iPod (plus you led me to Wonderella, which is excellent, too.)

Anonymous said...

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