Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Birthday G'pa!

So, here's the thing: I have a really cool family. I actually kind of like them, believe it or not - they're smart and funny and, well, loud, but so am I. Occasionally :)

The only real flaw they have is that they all live on the East Coast. And that's about 3,000 miles too far away from me. Ok, maybe it's only 2970 miles too far away.

So, here's an example of how fabulous and smart my family is: my GRANDFATHER is web-savvy enough that he reads my blog. Hi Grandpa!! And really, really, here is the point:

I'm sorry I missed your birthday the other day but I hope it was great and I love you A LOT and I miss you A LOT and I hope I will see you soon.



WishIcouldbepartofthatworld said...

did you ever expect to be wishing grandpa a Happy Bday on your blog?? what is this world coming to?

Hey Grandpa- did you win big at the casino???

we miss you too, you crazy west coast sunshine girl :)

neonspecs said...

speaking of grandparents' birthdays, I went to Morongo with the grandmother for her 87th birthday on Wednesday and won 100 bucks on the Zorro slot machine. woooo. I knew my love for Zorro would pay of some day.

alexis said...

Is this the same grandfather who I was introduced to be Ilana as "Alexis who went to Brandeis with us."???

ReadDanceBliss said...

Yes, Alexis! You guys were in the best graduating class there never was!

alexis said...

Nice!!! That WAS a cool grandfather!! The real question is.... what would our CIT dance have been? :)