Monday, December 10, 2007

On Not Posting

I. RDB takes a sabbatical.
A. But why?
B. No one knows.
C. Not even RDB herself.

II. RDB has posts lined up in her head, but doesn't post them.
A. But why not?
B. No one knows.
C. Not even RDB herself.

III. For example?
A. Another post about signs, possibly being environmental and recycling the title "Signs and Portents; or, The Importance of Signs" to include:

1. Fantastic local Egg Salad: there is a sign on Ventura Boulevard at Pierce College that advertises a fun fall thing they have there every year, a maze. Made out of corn. IT'S A MAIZE MAZE. OH YES.
2. There is a sign on Burbank Boulevard that says, I kid you not, "We buy dental gold." Um, OUCH??? EW??? UGH??? Worst and scariest sign ever.

B. A post about writing and about not writing, to include a link to 101 Reasons to Stop Writing and that story about Ann Patchett I never told.

C. A post about how I don't do a lot of community-service type things, but I strongly believe in donating blood and did so today, for THE THIRD TIME THIS YEAR. I AM AMAZING. BOW DOWN TO ME AND MY WONDERFULNESS. Or don't, but give blood yourself instead, before 2007 is up. Check out the many convenient options at Give Life.

D. A post about how I hated "Knocked Up" and "SuperBad", whether I want to admit it or not, but how I COMPLETELY FUCKING LOVED "Juno". I want the soundtrack NOW. What do you mean, it isn't out until January? WTF??


The Trouble With Roy said...

You should post more often. (But, then, so should I, I guess.)

You HATED Superbad? Come on, seriously? Why?

neonspecs said...

I haven't seen any of those movies, but I am pretty sure most, if not all, of the Juno soundtrack songs are already released songs. So you can for sure find them on the internet. They are by The Moldy Peaches, or Kimya Dawson solo, and some Belle & Sebastian songs.

Scot said...

Are they called "posts" because they already happened? If you're writing about things yet to come, whether to advertise or because you fancy yourself some sort of seer, are they called "prees"? If you write a post and nobody comments, does it count?

alexis said...

Welcome back from sabbatical. We missed you :)

And if it makes you feel better, I haven't seen any of those movies!

Some Bald Guy said...

I actually loved me some Superbad, but yeah, Juno was better. I got lucky and stumbled upon a WGA screening at which Diablo Cody spoke. She was surprisingly cool, humble, and with it.

And welcome back!