Thursday, September 27, 2007

iDaven, uDaven, we-all-Daven for... oh boy.

Wow. WOW! Wow. Check out the iDaven for iPod. This is for real, my friendschaverim.
With iDaven, there's no need to carry a spare Siddur with you for those Mincha moments – just open your iPod and pray! No need to search your purse for a bentcher – you've got your iPod! Sitting in the plane, Tefilat HaDerech is a breeze - read it on your iPod!
I love it.

It wouldn't be as fantastic as the ChaiPod except that that's a spoof; this is a Real Product for Real Jews! Awesome.

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Scot said...

I think soon the iPod will become more and more a compact personal computer with many different utilities. Then the individual utilities can be called iPeas.