Wednesday, September 19, 2007

But it's different from just anything meta...

I love all the egg salads you guys put in the comments. Awesome! Keep going!
I encountered a new one today myself:
When you buy stamps online, the post office charges you shipping. Yes indeed.


Scot said...

Whaaaaaaa, I could have sworn it was free. When I order supplies like priorety boxes they don't charge anything. Weird.

This reminds me of your "I can't tell you where a post office is without a zip code, bye." "wait! I want to look up a zip code." "Ok, what city"

Sivan said...

I am totally cought up in this game, and it is completly YOUR fault. I came back from the supermarket, had to store all the plastic bags for further use and guess what I had
to store them in...yep, a plastic bag.
Then I saw a cooking show, where for some odd reason they made something rather gross with fried tomatoes and ketchup (oh, ewww...), which is sort of an egg salad, which of course I mentiond out loud and yet again, people think I am crazy..