Wednesday, August 15, 2007

NY state of mind

A quickie - I'm in New York and Boston for the next ten days, visiting everyone I've ever known. Do we have plans yet? I'm not bringing my laptop (ouch!!) but I should have occasional access to computers so... look for east coast updates when I can, or big bunch o' stories when I get back.

thanks for reading! seriously.


Scot said...

You're not visiting everyone you've ever know because yo uleft me here in LA. :(
Have a great time and I hope you don't go through too severe of a computer withdrawl. My girlfiend withdrawl is only a mild ache since I infultrated camp for a hit.

Rachel said...

ha! I'm going to CA for a few days while you're in the northeast. My parents and I are meeting up to see my sister in Oakland. Maybe I can wave to you in the air as we fly cross country.

neonspecs said...

send me a postcardddd