Thursday, August 30, 2007

Don't read this title.

Did I really just post a blog post about what lame-ass thing I cooked for dinner? I'm sorry. To redeem myself, I offer these:

a) Walk Score. See how walkable your neighborhood is. Got this one from Neon Specs - thanks!

b) Index card art. Some I like are here and this one and that one.

I reaaaaaally want to go to the LA County Fair - wanna go with?? And maybe even the West Hollywood Book Fair, which is September 30th. What time should I pick you up?


neonspecs said...

hey, you can't obviously get something from my blog and then not reference. it's only fair! and I want to go the county fair. it's fab. I went a few years ago.

ReadDanceBliss said...

Sorry, el.K, fixed. Yeah, I'm excited for the county fair, but more sad that the STATE fair is in Sacramento and ended today. Next year? Post-camp roadtrip + state fair? Hells yeah.