Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Miss, I found out for you what the soup du jour is. It's 'the soup of the day'."

I'm in the town where I work, out on lunch break, looking for the local post office so I can turn in my temporary mail-forwarding form and buy some forever stamps (how romantic of a name!). I'm driving, and I call toll-free assistance and get the 800 number for USPS. I call them:

Me: Hi! I'm trying to find the nearest post office but I don't know what zipcode I'm in.
P.O. guy: Then I can't help you, I'm sorry. Have a good day.
Me: Wait, I can't just give you the name of the city and state?
P.O.: No, I need a zipcode.
Me: Ok, well, then, I need to find a zipcode.
P.O.: Ok, what's the city and state?


Scot said...

He was probably reading/ responding to blogs online and wanted to get off the phone.

GREAT anacdote though, and great title too.

Cecilia said...

Welcome to the automatic world of stupidity!
For English, press one.
Para Espanol, oprima el dos.

Te extrano!

Sivan Yitzhak said...

thank god! i thought these things only happen in Israle. what a relife to know were are not the only one to have dumb people. YAY!
awsome story by the way..

Sat Jiwan said...

I think you should just mail in your form next time.