Monday, June 25, 2007

Except, I broke three nails doing it.

So, I was in the dining hall for breakfast at 8:20 this morning, as every day. And between then and now (5pm), I've had exactly three (non-consecutive) hours during which I was not teaching dancing somewhere or eating lunch back in the dining hall. In those three hours, I did not once come back to my room, though I could have. I didn't sleep or read or eat. During the first free hour, I played (and learned) frisbee. During the second hour, I joined a bunk for their mountain biking ride. During the third hour, I played frisbee.

Who is this and what has happened to RDB? More on this later 'cuz this is serious.


Scot said...

So I'm assuming frisbee and acrylics don't mix?

Sivan Yitzhak said...

See, but that's waht Irony is all about....
Wow, you really are turning into a camper! next thing your will be waring tons of make up and sneaking into the boy bunks..