Sunday, March 18, 2012


So, this is driving me crazy.  When I was in Venice for New Year's Eve (Capodanno a Venezia!!), we went to the ghetto and the Jewish Museum, on Friday afternoon just before it closed for Shabbat.  It was a lovely museum, interesting and carefully tended, but I saw one thing that utterly freaked me out.  On the walls of a display about the different communities of Jews in Italy, I swear it used the word "kike".  It was in Hebrew, as קייק, so I'm assuming that *doesn't* actually mean kike and is some other standard abbreviation for something legitimate... right?? Someone help me out here, because as far as I (and wikipedia) know, there is and never has been any non-derogatory meaning or use of this word.  And I wasn't dreaming it - here's a picture of the display from the Museum's own webpage:
Can anyone help me understand this? Please?

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Debbie said...

Would this make sense?
קהילה קדישא, ק"ק (kehilah kadisha) - the holy congregation, i.e. a synagogue
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