Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jotsam... notes down for me.

Oh, it's been so long since we had a good egg salad up in here! I've been cleaning out my office the last week or so, and finding all kinds of interesting things (anyone want a combo TV and VCR? Or a DVD player? Or a Sony Handycam? Someone bought my old printer, yay!). I'm down to going through some very small piles of very small papers, the little notes I leave myself all over, the flotsam and jetsam of my pockets, only they are notes on which I jot things down so I want to call it: jotsam.
Anyway, on one of these small papers is a reference to something I heard on the news, apparently a few years ago:
Wind Erosion Lab Blown Away
Oh, how very lovely is that?
(I mean, sorry for the researchers and all. You know what I mean.)


Sat Jiwan said...

enjoyed the egg salad... and jotsam, but $50?! i'm guessing you don't really want to sell the set, do you?

(and "requires no wall installation"? are you trying to convince the buyer that this product is so much more convenient than those wall mounted flat screens they make these days? which i guess is true... to a point. maybe you'll throw in a CRT docking station. I.e. a small shelf.)

Sat Jiwan said...

and i'm selling my old handsfree cellphone device. hell, i'll even throw in the cell phone -- service contract and charger required.

Sat Jiwan said...

i forgot to mention, with my handsfree device, there's no need to set up a bluetooth pairing or any trouble with static interference.