Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summah summah summah time

Deep breath in... here we go.

I'm back at camp, for summer #8. Historically I blog a lot over the summer than the rest of the year, so perhaps that will be the case again this year. I have four posts drafted from the last few months too, so maybe I'll finish those up and post 'em, finally.

I had been really freaking out about coming back this year, feeling overwhelmed with life and my other jobs and all kinds of things, and just kind of depressed about it being this time of year when it's so easy to compare it to this time of year last year and the one before and the one before and... sigh. But once I got here today and breathed in that Alo air and saw all my friends and had a few big hugs from my favorite staff members, I chilled out a lot... feeling pretty good. Still crazed with all my extra-curricular activities this summer, starting with an altogether-too-brief trip to Albany this weekend for a wedding, but still feeling a lot better than I did for the last few days and weeks.

More updates from 11B to come, I hope... Click the camp label for past summertime missives, some of my favorite posts.

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Briane P said...

Glad you're back; sorry you're down. Why so glum?