Saturday, May 15, 2010

It would be the last unicorn that came to Molly Grue.

Oh hey there, blog-I-used-to-blog-in. Where you been these last couple months?

Let's see: a visit to New York to spend Passover with my family, to Boston to be the guest teacher at a special mostly-couples Israeli dance night at MIT, to New Hampshire to spend time with friends on the farm. That was in April. As was an amazingly fun afternoon at Santa Anita Park with a friend - we came in knowing NOTHING about betting on horses and left, a few $1-hot-dogs and $1-beers later, having HIT THE TRIFECTA. Freakin amazing day. Also, the LA Times Festival of Books which is even cooler when you know an author and get to hang out in the VIP lounge!

In May, to the DC area to see old college friends, to teach a dance at the Israeli dance session in Rockville, MD, to pretend to still be nearly-college-age with my wonderful friend Lila. I saw some great stuff at the Hammer museum (I'd like to own a painting by Friedrich Kunath. Know how to make that happen for me?) and got to hear the amazing Superdevoice Balkan Women's Choir in the courtyard there. A Friday night Jazz at LACMA, some time (not enough) at JPL's annual Open House which I've been trying to get to for the five years I've lived here, and I straightened my hair. I look very different... and I'm pretty damn happy about that.

And aside from that, been spending a lot of time in my usual spring mental space - that limbo as school ends and before camp begins in which I wander, every year, wondering if I'm making good choices about how to live my life and how to spend my time and what changes I should make for next year, ya-dah ya-dah.

And what have you been up to lately?


C said...

I'm originally from Los Angeles, I need to make time to get out there for the Festival of Books. How fun and exciting you've spent the last couple of months.


2bkat said...

all i do is sit around waiting for you to write me an email. :) glad you got to hang out with jimmy. I'm jealous! good luck with the spring-inspired existential crisis. let us know how it all turns out...

Briane P said...

nice that you're back blogging -- it's been same old stuff here. Which is always interesting to me, at least.