Saturday, January 2, 2010


Well, I ran 12 miles a couple of weeks ago, and it was brutal. I mean, it felt fantastic to have done TWELVE MILES, but it was on a very hilly course (by design) and it was haaaaard. Took us 2 hours and 15 minutes.

And then I didn't do squat, running-wise, for nearly two weeks.
On Thursday I did four miles on my own, around my neighborhood. Here's the playlist:
NPR: 10-17-2009 Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

And then this morning, I ran...
wait for it...

FOURTEEN MILES!!! Yeah, baby, 14. For cancer research. 2 hours 25 minutes!!! Oh, that's more than a half-marathon? No sweat!

(Ok, lots of sweat. It was HOT today! I love L.A. I definitely needed that dose of Vitamin D or whatever Vitamin Sunlight is.)

Aaaaaaaand I forgot my knee brace at home, so I ran without it, and it didn't hurt at all! Until I stopped running. Then I was in screaming pain. Literally. Ouch.

But it's ok now. Oh, I have a show tomorrow? I'm sure I'll be able to walk by then :)



Briane P said...

I've been running more, and when I get tired and need to keep going, I think "well, if RDB can do a marathon, then I can try to be a little more healthy." I was all proud because I hit 3.95 miles in 40 minutes the other day, and now I log on at work and read your blog and you're up to FOURTEEN MILES. Way to raise the bar. Keep up the good work!

ReadDanceBliss said...

Go BP!!! The idea that I can be inspiration to you is huge inspiration to ME!! Let's both keep it up... until we fall down. (Don't worry, I'm very nearly there!)

C said...

that's fantastic. I wish I could run that long. still struggling to get past 2 miles :)

ReadDanceBliss said...

You. Can. Do. It.

C, do you run with other people? I bet you could do more than 2 right now if you had friendly support and distraction out there with you; it makes a huge difference!

2bkat said...

you guys are so freaking cute.