Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The solution to your holiday gift-giving quandaries

This post was going to be about the Dizzy Feet gala, the most amazing dance show ever, which show I saw at the Kodak Theatre on Sunday afternoon (in basically the best seats in the house), but instead it's going to be about a scarf.

No really.

Guys, check this out:

And yeah it's cool, and yeah the fashion buzz catalog-copy accompanying the pictures on the website is all very designer/fashion/taking-itself-seriously stuff, but really what I love so very much about the whole thing is this comment by some random guy:

'We can watch movies on a device the size of a credit card. Why did it take us so long to come up with “pockets scarf?”'

Nice. Reminds me of how I used to point out that we put a man on the moon years before we could figure out how to make Pong.

(That was an Atari game, young'uns. An Atari game THAT I OWNED AND USED TO PLAY IN THE BASEMENT. Ah, the good old days.)


Jjd said...

I liked a T-shirt I saw this weekend that said "If we can put a man on the moon, why can't we put them all there?"

howie said...

We also put a man on the moon years before we figured out to put wheels on our freakin luggage.

Briane P said...

RDB: You've got to start a new category to go along with your "egg salad:" the Man on the Moon first category, asking people what else we should have come up with before landing a man on the moon.

Unfortunately, I am fresh out of ideas for stuff like that. But I did just get caught up on all your blog posts and wanted to congratulate you on your 10K run. If my math is correct (and it almost never is) that's about a 9:30 mile for over 6 miles. That's excellent.

C said...

Ooh i like the pocket scarf!