Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Fun Way

So, on the drive home from work today I listened to this long dry debate about "the Safeway plan" in which employees are "incentivized" to make healthy choices by basing their health insurance premiums on their Body Mass Indexes. Blah blah boring.

And then I saw this, by way of the twitter feed:

THIS is how to incentivize people to exercise and make healthy choices. Make. Them. Fun.


Briane P said...


You can get people to do things two ways: Force them to, in which case they'll do the minimal effort to avoid trouble and will look for ways to get out of it, or make them like it, in which case they'll actually go out of their way to do it for you.

So here's to life having more piano stairs!

Baylink said...

I had heard about that, but not seen it; thanks for embedding it.

It's massively cool.