Thursday, August 28, 2008

Heye Chazak Vetitgaber

I'm kind of having a nervous breakdown. Here are some tidbits from the inside.

I kind of really kind of a little bit want this.

I have not yet started packing for my 4-day weekend dance camp 3,000 miles away, and I am going straight to the airport from work tomorrow. Oh, ha, it's not tomorrow anymore; it's today. Yay me.

It really annoys me that the pilot light on my stove goes out like every 5 minutes. Certainly every time I use the stove, which we all know is not very often (screw you) but it does happen. Like tonight, to boil water to make hot chocolate. That's cooking, right? So what annoys me most is that after I turn off the burner I'm using, I'm tempted to re-light the pilot light at that moment so I won't forget until two days later when my whole house smells like gas. BUT I'VE JUST BEEN USING THE BURNER, SO IT'S HOT. DON'T PICK IT UP TO MOVE IT OUT OF THE WAY TO GET TO THE PILOT LIGHT OR YOU MIGHT BURN YOURSELF. That didn't happen tonight, thanks. But it did happen once. (Apparently, I am still able to learn things.)

It's a good thing I don't do drugs. When I get wacked-out-stressed-out (like right now), I like to go on little self-destructive binges. No, really. The good news (I guess) is that I don't really have any real destructive materials at hand, so a binge for me consists of doing things like *watching four episodes of WEEDS instead of packing* and *eating microwave popcorn AND sugar-free jello AND fat-free yogurt instead of just one of those things*. I might, might, might, have a beer. But not always.


I really really REALLY need to buy a new sound system, like, right now. Really, like two weeks ago, but my wayback machine isn't working so I'll settle for getting one before Monday. Too bad I go out of town tomorrow and don't get back to L.A. until Monday morning. I need sound advice. On sound. Advice on sound. Sound advice on sound. Get it? Yeah. So, think portable PA system (not Pennsylvania, you dope, public address). I currently have this and I'm trying to decide between something like the Fender Passport, the Peavey Messenger, the Yamaha Stagepass 300, or the JBL Eon System10. I need it to be light enough and small enough that I can carry it up the stairs to my apartment; I need it to be strong enough to play music for a room of 100 dancers for four hours straight every week; I need it to not cost more than I can afford. Do I want powered speakers so I have more power? Or do I just want a powered amp because a) that'll give me more flexibility in speaker positioning, not having to worry about outlets everywhere and b) I already freaking bought 150 feet of speaker cable that carries a charge because my current speakers are not powered.

By watching a few more episodes of WEEDS, clearly, and maybe eating (gasp) a granola bar.


alexis said...

"TWO BAD"???????????????

Erica I'm very worried. I'll give you a big hug when I see you tomorrow. I'm also worried because we both know low fat frozen yogurt is NOT as good as ice cream - maybe if you'd been eating the correct thing, you would have figured it out.

I wish I could help!!!!!!!!!!!!

jjd said...

Shouldn't the Hora Keff page the famous RDB's name and picture on the front???

ReadDanceBliss said...

Alexis wrote:

"TWO BAD"???
Erica I'm very worried. I'll give you a big hug...

PROOF! Proof of how utterly stressed out I was. I have hung my head in shame. And fixed the mistake. (What, you think I read this shit after I write it? :)

"...we both know low fat frozen yogurt is NOT as good as ice cream"

It isn't even fro-yo when I do this, it's YOGURT. Straight up Yoplait fat-free yogurt. Frozen treats aren't really allowed in my house, on account of their single-serveness (meaning, I'll eat it until it's gone, whether it's a gallon or a reasonable size...)

"I wish I could help!!!!!!!!!!!!"

My dear, you always always do. Love you!

JJD: you left out a word. Feature, maybe? The answer is YES. But not yet :)

Hate being in the same time zone as you and not getting to see you :( Miss you!

Jjd said...

Back at ya, sweetie.

Anonymous said...
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