Thursday, May 17, 2007

Recount / Sure to stirrup controversy

So, twice recently someone has been counting money for me and would have (unintentionally) stiffed me ten bucks if I hadn't've been paying attention: first, at the BANK, the teller couldn't count out $200 for me correctly the first three times she tried it and I said "try again" until she got it right (and then looked incredibly embarrassed and apologized a lot). Then it was the woman giving me cash back at the grocery store who was starting to get annoyed with me when I asked her to re-count, but she too apologized when she realized she owed me ten.

What is this, Florida?

(The deeper question is: seriously, why does Erica need so much cash?)

Also this week, LATAWNA, the Naughty Horse, Learns to say "No" to Drugs. Thanks, Jim; I needed that. (No, wait, what I needed were these reviews on amazon, ohmigod!)


Alexis - duh! said...

Hehehe... I actually can hear you saying "try again" to the bank teller.

Actually, someone tried to (unintentionally) stiff me on $10 the other day too - I gave them a 20 and they gave me change for a 10. Coincidence? Or just a tendency for people to be bad at counting (you mean there are numbers after 16??)

replicnt6 said...

If you like clerks who can't count, you'll love this (Verizon is the root of all evil) [Warning: listening to this could cause to to bang your head against the wall]: